Major Departments
1. Production
2. Maintenance Team(Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation & Control)
3. Finance & Accounts
4. Corporate Services/HR& Admin
5. Legal and Regulatory
6. Performance/Gas
7. Risk Management/Internal Audit
8. Health Safety and Environment (HSE


As at 31 October 2017 the total staff strength is 63.

Profile Of Key Management Staff


The Company maintains a robust and effective Maintenance Management System which has been computerized for optimum benefits and to reduce the manual process of planning maintenance activities for the Plants. All three units are available and generating into the grid. The Plants operates on Grid and Island models. In ties of grid instability, the Plant runs on Island mode and restricts supply to a designated area viz Kogi State, part of Edo, Ondo and Delta States with a possibility of extended area of supply.